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Students worked in groups to start recognising the properties and characteristics of the objects that surround them, they then look further into the logic of their categorisation when they are asked to recognise and collect objects in various categories.
On keenly recognising and understanding the properties and characteristics of the object picked out by them, they have to utilise the objects as protagonist in a short stop motion film they would shoot to establish and display the imagined relationships between the objects.

Students Work

Shoes, Talcum Powder, Shoeshine

The objects shown in the short film are a pair of shoes, a talcum powder bottle and a shoeshine. The film portrays a comical interaction between the three objects. The first half shows the shoeshine working diligently to clean the shoe showing its dedication towards the job. The monotony is broken with the entry of the talcum powder which spoils the shoeshine's work. There's a back and forth between the shoeshine and the powder who are both fighting for the shoes' attention. 

The film ends with the shoes walking away, whilst the other two are bickering and are left behind. This makes the polish and the powder realise the pointlessness of their fight. The title of the film is literally justified as the shoes do walk away also helping to convey the shoes emotion which just wants the other two to shoo away.

Tasneem Vali 

Bhagyashree Dargar 

Shruti Rathod

Sanitizer, Door Handle, Piece of Paper

The stop motion film focuses on the role of a sanitizer in the pandemic. The story has been narrated through a sanitizer, door handle and piece of paper. The story begins with a hand wanting to enter the home after a tiring day but the virus sitting on the door handle prevents the hand from opening the door. The virus further challenges the hand to compete in a match but the match ends up in a draw. To save the day, the sanitizer enters the scene and teams up with the hand against the virus.  After an intense battle, the sanitizer defeats the virus and finally the hand safely enters the home.

Michele Dias
Shubham Rajput
Shrunali Jadhav

Notebook, Dice, Nail Paint, Camphor

The stop motion film stars four objects: camphor, nail paint bottle, notebook and dice. The film pictures the emotions of non-living things and converts them into some human activities.

First and the second scene portray the fear of the book which other objects- the nail paint and the camphor try to make the book realize. The next part shows how the book gets relief from them. And that relief makes the book turn into a dice which shows the happy emotions which are expressed through magic.

Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Paper

The film portrays four objects: pen , pencil , rubber and paper. These objects somehow depict a relation between themselves and no one can work without one’s  dependence on the other. Each object has equal importance. The first scene depicts that pencil and rubber have fought about who's more important in daily life. Entry of the pen shuts the mouth of pencil and rubber with its permanent character. Without paper all other things are useless. The film is thus aptly named “WHO’S IMPORTANT”

Palak Panchal
Charmi Mehta
Pranjal Madvi
Rutvik Bobade

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