Analytical Drawings and Visual Interpretation of Pre-Design Dissertation thoughts

Semester 9 | Architectural Representation and Detailing

Ar. Shripad Bhalerao
Ar. Karan Danda
Ar. Saurabh Mhatre

Studio Conductors

The purpose of introducing the exercise was to build an attitude towards graphical representation and expressions with respect to the Architectural Research and Design by introducing methodologies on research literature and discussing drawing alternatives to address arguments.

To Integrate Thesis arguments and then identify a way to take forward drawing representations of research material in a Visual Delivery System in more of an Analytical Drawing format rather than Statistical Data Diagrams. Discussion on representation, drawing techniques, methodologies and experimental directions of Pre-Design Dissertation thoughts.

The Students worked on a fixed format drawing board to condense large sums of information into a densely populated overlay of visual information which helps them look at their projects in a completely different light.