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Fenestration Design

Semester 3 | Environmental Studies

Ar. Prerna Thacker
Ar. Harshada Shintre

Studio Conductors

The aim of the exercise is to integrate the understanding of passive design, visual and thermal
comfort, day lighting in Environmental science, basic knowledge of sciography drafting and
graphical representation which they must have learned in their respective subjects. They also
must be familiar with the basic palate of building materials.
Amongst all the components of architecture, facade design affects the character of the
building from outside and affects the functionality of the building inside. Fenestration design
plays a major role in composing a facade. It helps to design the facade and also controls the
light quality indoors. The exercise is to design fenestrations on the façade of ground plus three
floors building for a mixed-use program keeping the learnings of the concerned topics in mind.

The objective of this exercise was understanding how climate can help to design fenestration, how different functions require different lighting conditions, use of shading devices like louvers, fins, slab offsets helps to create the drama of light and shadow on the facade and at the same time controls the light intensity in the interior spaces & use of sciography to enhance the projections on the facades and to understand the direct and indirect lighting quality in interiors.

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