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Spaces of Engagement

Semester 5 | Architectural Theory

Ar. Harshada Shintre
Ar. Nachiket Kalle

Studio Conductors

The exercise is an extension to the previous semester's work of conceptualizing “place” in terms of space, time, scale, organization. Following up, Himanshu Burtes book “Space for engagement” is taken as a moderator to look at various aspects of architectural spaces. The possibility of people's engagement is at the centre of the multifaceted interaction between places and people that we know as the process of habitation. The various lenses provided in the book help students critically analyse the spaces which they have experienced in terms of the quality of people's association with it. The initial start of the exercise included discussions of how students perceived space and their understanding of the lenses mentioned in the book. After reading of the chapters, students were asked to apply these lenses into a structure of their choice in order to critique them. It was important for the students to choose a structure they had personally been to, so as to give an unbiased response to their observations. The students were free to form their own opinions about a structure on how they fit or don't fit in the given lenses. Each presentation had a follow up class discussion where fellow classmates could pitch in their views and reach a concluding line.

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