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Institutional Building Design

Semester 6 | Architectural Design

Ar. Apurva Deshpande
Ar. Mandar Dhuri
Ar. Anuradha Shah
Ar. Pradeep Pavithran
Ar. Venkat Ashok
Ar. Nitesh Avhad

Studio Conductors

The intention of the exercise was to redefine how an institutional building works and questioning the existing notions of the same. The project encompasses a wide spectrum of programs relevant to the four distinct sites and different surroundings thus addressing different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
Exploring “Architecture for resilience, Architecture for numinosity, Architecture for spatial manifestation for an emotive scale and Architecture for human and nature and designing to find solutions for the traditional way of imagining an institute.
The designed outcome hence engages the user with a strong positive catalyst for improving their health, lifestyle, productivity and overall way of leading life. Involving the community in the design and execution of the project as feasible to generate an adaptable solution. It potentially creates an alternate aesthetics as a critique to existing architectural context.

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