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Street Design

Semester 9 | Allied Design

Ar. Harshad Bhatia
Ar. Tushar Shetty
Ar. Saurabh Mhatre
Ar. Nitesh Avhad

Studio Conductors

Exposure through a familiar locality towards development in an urban context wider than specific architectural design and systematically applying an objective basis to assess local area potentials and constraints for larger public benefit.

Each student had to identify their site for study, analysis and response in the situation. The
physical area of study area of their surrounding neighbourhood of a familiar nature to the respective student. The idea of the neighbourhood or locality being the space one has grown up in a memorable way and also be observant as an inhabitant.

The objective of this exercise is to map land uses and building uses in their own neighborhood, to understand land use (excluding residential), taxonomy related studies and related Public Space Impact Assessment. Alongwith Public Roads & Streets interrelationship and listing of items in Public Space Right of Way.

The Studio concluded by designing for Right of way as urban intervention for amenity projects in their own neighborhood. The performance processes of actual ‘public’ functions in the study area which connected land uses through user‐based perception (at all scales – from locality to city region) were studied in detail. The students also suggested improvement in planning and policy of street design and this was achieved by understanding regulatory framework, study of intangible aspects and network systems present in each locality.

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