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Urban Level Interventions at Shivaji Park

Semester 5 | Architectural Design

Ar. Anuradha Shah
Ar. Karan Danda
Ar. Shruti Barve
Ar. Venkat Ashok

Studio Conductors

The design exercise attempts to make the students understand the nature of spaces and rethink the site with the idea of deconstructivism, modularity and technology. It gave them the chance to explore the possibilities of static, dynamic architecture or the coexistence of both thereby allowing them to overcome the existing redundant design ideologies.

The site provided was Shivaji Park, Mumbai and the idea was to restructure the park into a more adaptive space thereby allowing the volumetric adjacencies, technology, proportions of opacity and translucent and design policy to affect the process.

Students were guided to have an in-depth understanding of the site and its surrounding areas and think of a new narrative that will help the citizens see the site and the surrounding areas in a new light.

This was followed by selecting the right set of programs that each student felt was essential, such as meditation pods, place for arts, exhibitions, public toilets, workspaces etc. covering a total built up area of 2000sqm.

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