A case in Architectural Anatomy

Vertical Studio | College Projects

Ar. Saurabh Mhatre
Ar. Karan Danda

Studio Conductors

While architecture creates the setting for ways of life, ways of life also make their mark on architecture. This is a mutual, yet complex relationship, by which the student is often unconsciously stimulated. If we try to analyze buildings, the same way we analyze artworks, there is a realization in us that seeps into our mind as we try to delve deeper into understanding a structure.
In the encounter with architecture, this phenomenological experience must be qualified and cultivated conceptually, and made operational in forward-looking production.
In order to fabricate architecture, which promotes the best living conditions, one must constantly study, dissect, reconstruct and optimise its many components and forms of expression: its anatomy.
The studio was meant to be research driven, with a larger aim to evolve through the studio, a style of representing the various layers of architectural elements in a building. The students, in groups, were allotted infamous architectural projects, to indeed explore beyond the facade of the known-to-all about those buildings.
This was followed by analysis and discussions on how the layers of architecture were coming together to function as a whole. Using an approach towards generation of these layers, the students in the process learnt more about the typologies, programmatic generations, spatial forms and interaction of users and the space, as was depicted through their final representational anatomical drawings.