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Long Span Structures

Semester 9 | Architectural Building Construction & Materials

Ar. Shripad Bhalerao
Ar. Karan Danda
Ar. Nitesh Avhad

Studio Conductors

The exercise had to immerse students in designing through digital medium in a productive way
towards understanding the fundamentals of structures , specifically long span structures
which they applied to a design problem given during the exercise.

The students were engaged in designing a structural system (long span) for an Art Gallery &
Exhibition Space along with administrative supplementary functions and an attached
restaurant. The students were expected to do a basic designing of the Art Gallery in terms of
zoning and Planning with sectional understanding before moving towards digital modelling in

Architectural Representation and Detailing of Structural Systems in a drawing format using
innovative forms of representation and communication were explored and represented by students.

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