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Moodabidri Narratives

Semester 2 | Architectural Design

Ar. Bhavin Patel
Ar. Devayani Upasani
Ar. Esha Tipnis
Ar. Neha Panchal
Ar. Rishi Vora
Ar. Rishit Jain
Ar. Ronak Savla

Studio Conductors

A place is what it's stories make it. They can be found in its people, surroundings, structure, details, even ecology. Students investigate the architecture of the religious town of Moodabidri, Karnataka through its stories(of past and present) and aspirations of the people, who commission, build and inhabit it. The documentation exercise of the town deviates from the traditional measure drawings and focuses on recording narratives, memories and experiences of the people.

The project stems from investigating into places of multiple stories. Four sites are identified; the Jain Math courtyard, the Jain Highschool playground, the Jain library and the Betakeri Kund. The interventions on site become an annexe to the existing programs.

As a precursor exercise to the project, students must recall personal impressions through the recorded narratives on site, select one and derive a deduction from it. The deduction is understood through a series of models. and further interpreted through explorative arrangements of elements of architecture; floor, column, doors, windows, walls, stairs/ramps. The studio urges students to critically analyse the site activities and programs and then position their project within it. Spatial requirements for various actions, body movements are assessed and applied. The studio concludes with a storyboarding exercise where students must imagine activities, transactions and engagement of people within the designed spatial setting.

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