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Postgraduate Medical Student Accommodation

Semester 7 | Architectural Design

Ar. Swati Chowkshi
Ar. Sunil Sadekar
Ar. Snehal Gaikwad
Ar. Milind Amle
Ar. Sathe sir

Studio Conductors

Hostels are environments of stay that integrate multiple activities alongside accommodation. There are multiple layers to luxurious living. Architecture of such type that includes leisure, living and study involves creation of a space that responds to both interaction and seclusion. The shared space between two or more individuals must be flexible enough to cater to different types of users who come from different backgrounds.
Yenepoyya Dental medical college situated in Mangalore requires a hostel programme for its post graduate students. Keeping in mind that these students come from varying complexities of social status (single, couple, family- person), their needs must be met with layouts of units that cater to all three categories. The aim is to dive into the depth of design that revolves around accurate area calculations as per the local norms of the region while making design decisions that will enhance the quality of interaction between the users.
Sensitive, sensible architecture is one that reacts well to the climate, context and its entourage and thereby the design must factor the interconnect between the undergraduate hostel (existing on site) and this intervention. Ergo, it is inevitable to chalk out a masterplan for the overall development of the plot wherein the intervention is to be placed.
The key is to evolve strategies of construction of multi-layered buildings to create a form that is flexible, climate and context responsive.

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