Creative illustration of a structure from given narrative

Semester 2 | Architectural Representation and Detailing

Ar. Rohit Karekar
Ar. Rishit Jain
Ar. Nikita Sharma
Ar. Geetesh Varte
Ar. Shekoba Sanap

Studio Conductors

The exercise was conducted in 2 stages. In stage 1 of this exercise, the students were given a passage which contained information about the interiors,
exteriors and overall experience of an anonymous structure. The aim for this stage was for the students to
establish a unique style of representation reflected in an illustration which would be based on the text provided to
In Stage 2, the structures are no longer anonymous. The names of the structures shall be revealed to the students
and they will given access to the technical drawings and all available information on the structure. This stage is
about carrying forward the style they have created and exploring the usage of said style in creating architectural
To explain an entire structure a complete set of plans, sections, elevations, details and 3D views is needed.
However, the aim of this stage 2 is to create a architectural graphic which combines all the above sets into one
drawing. This architectural graphic must be a more holistic representation of the structure and must show clear
intent in terms of the aspect of the structure that the student would like the viewer to understand - interiors,
exteriors, activities, surroundings, structure etc. Additional reading and research about the structure is encouraged
to help the student understand it better.