Study of Open spaces

Semester 5 | Allied Design

Ar. Devyani Deshmukh
Ar. Swapna Hankare
Ar. Shweta Sonakia
Ar. Swati Desai
Ar. Shraddha Palande

Studio Conductors

Open spaces are the hotspots of activity and social lives of the inhabitants of a city. The city fabric allows open spaces to be the setting for built form. These are also places to meet, interact, entertain, or just relax, and contemplate. They enhance the economic values of their surroundings and absorb the spillover of built forms. The study of such open spaces is a crucial factor in understanding the dynamics of landscape design and its role in the built environment.

The aim of the project was to observe and analyse open spaces in the neighbourhood/ town under the following factors -Zoning within the space, User groups , Scale of the spaces (urban/neighbourhood level), Climatic zones and response, Temporal quality as per seasons, Brief of the space, Circulation patterns, flow of people within the space, Experiential qualities of the spaces, Pause points, (their Location and logic behind that), Sense of place (related to context and culture), Edge conditions, Elements of designs, The role of water as a characteristic element, Sense of openness and enclosures, Physical aspects of the space, etc.

Students were supposed to graphically represent these observations, through sections, sketches, maps, relevant images and views. The idea of creating an abstract graphic of the understanding of space was also an integral part of the process.