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Form Follows...Debate

Semester 3 | Architectural Theory

Ar. Neha Panchal
Ar. Yagnik Bathija

Studio Conductors

The session begins with an overview on the historiography of architectural forms and a reading to understand various aspects of form. The discussion on form leads to the questions- what does form follow in contemporary architectural productions? What are the driving forces that govern the form of a building?

The Form Follows...Debate is a speculative exercise that involves analysis of various factors (technology, creativity, climatic conditions, fantasy, regulations, social condition, profit, etc.) that predominantly take lead in shaping a building. Groups of students are assigned one factor each (form follows profit / form follows social condition/ form follows fantasy / etc.) and must defend it with the help of a contemporary architectural project as an illustration to discuss the dominant role the specific factor has played, to lend the building its shape and character.

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