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Business Hotel & MMRC Headquarters

Semester 5 | Architectural Design

Ar. Mahesh Khanolkar
Ar. Rajan Kulkarni
Ar. Mahesh Nilakh
Ar. Rupa Sheth
Ar. Shekoba Sanap
Ar. Swapna Hankare

Studio Conductors

Urban transport infrastructure issues throughout the world are tackled by integrating with the land use benefits around it, to create a positive impact on real estate. In effect many have used this as an opportunity for revenue generation for the project itself. Mumbai metro is no different. Cutting across the island city, the suburbs and MMR, it brings tremendous development potential. No doubt, it has its unique set of societal issues, but the studies indicate growth potentials with tremendous economic advantages propelling also, enhancement of the urban fabric. Prabhadevi/Siddhivinayak METRO station provides one such great potential given its central location and next to one of the most preeminent religious sites in the country.

The MMRCL thus aspires to develop and invite design proposals from architects for A business hotel and a mid-size, high end retail facility. It also wishes to construct its own head office building, considering the prime and central location. This tri-pronged development will also add value to the existing urban setting by an expected dynamic architecture,which is a crucial part of the brief. It is visualized as a kind of mini high-street throb, thronged by all the three users and public. The programme consisted of detailed space requirements, with a total built area of 7175 sq. m. The designer, as per his/her vision and and planning strategy, had to entail that throb, thrive and dynamics of architectural experience in flourishing urban centers.

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