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House Design

Semester 3 | Architectural Design

Ar. Amey Ghosalkar
Ar. Nachiket Kalle
Ar. Mehul Sanghavi
Ar. Amit Jain
Ar. Rishi Vora

Studio Conductors

The objective of this exercise was to design a house for each student's real family, to be located on a given site in Deer Park, next to Powai Lake. The first step was to develop a design-narrative based upon the family’s collective self-image, which was to be translated later on into an appropriate self-identifiable 3D architectural composition.
So each student interviewed their family members, in order to understand the family’s collective self-image, and also each family member's functional & expressional requirements - and from these, the design narrative & keywords were extracted, which helped in guiding us towards a particular type of 3D architectural composition.

Next, working in groups, we collectively analyzed different aspects & attributes of the site. Subsequently, working individually, we developed the initial 3D compositional ideas, and proceeded to incorporate functional aspects, with careful consideration towards issues such as intimacy gradient, terrain, external settings, and each user's spatial requirements. With the knowledge that we had gained from all of the allied subjects (construction materials & methods, interior design, environmental factors, and building services), we came up with an integrated approach for the design proposals - progressing in a step-by-step manner, adding a new layer of development & resolution in each successive week. Over a 7-week period of intensive & extensive process-driven development from start to finish, we were ready with 2D & 3D presentation drawings for the final design proposal.

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