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Decoding Landscape as a setting

Semester 4 | Allied Design

Ar. Juhi Prasad
Ar. Prachi Velankar
Ar. Dhara Shah

Studio Conductors

Design of the open space around “your architectural masterpiece” plays a vital role in the relationship that the structure / built space has with the environment around it; and how the structure is perceived by the users. To understand this more clearly, the assignment helps us to look at existing examples.
Very often one sees architecture in conjunction with landscape. The landscape sometimes hides complements, overpowers or simply enhances the composition of the house. In some lucky instances, the landscape or environment even adds to the dramatic quality of the architectural experience.
This exercise studies the “quality lending qualities” of landscape. Certain selected and/or iconic architectural examples of residential typology were studied. The idea behind this exercise was to get students to appreciate the open space environment around the iconic architectural examples as one of the fundamental factors in architectural experience.

These case studies of residential architecture were studied in relation to landscape with respect to the relationship between the built and the unbuilt, through lenses of the larger regional setting,planning of activities, approach choreography, experiential qualities and material usage.

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