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Neighbourhood Study Design Intervention

Semester 9 | Architectural Design

Ar. Shrikant Sathe
Ar. Yashwant Pitkar
Ar. Shripad Bhalerao
Ar. Hemal Biscuitwala
Ar. Dhawal Jain
Ar. Nitesh Avhad

Studio Conductors

To Understand the urban needs of your own neighborhood and propose amenity project with complete understanding of Architectural Building Design. Based on the Urban Studies and Documentation that the student had carried out in Module 1 ALD, they had to Identify the need of Public Utilities/Services missing in the Neighborhood and prepare the Program accordingly.
Integration of the Architectural Design Program with The Allied design Program wherein the students had documented under “Local Area Planning and Design” an area of minimum 1 Sq. Km. in their own Neighborhood.
The next step was to identify a site (Either vacant plot or Any Defunct Public Building/Utility Plot) of not more than 2500 sq mt. within the selected neighborhood for the proposed program. The site shall be preferably marked as amenity space and the built area to approximately 1500 Intervention.
The aim of the studio was to understand the Urban setting of the said Neighbourhood, to Identify the immediate amenities that are missing in the said Neighbourhood and a suitable site. Then to Propose a program that serves the identified needs of the Neighbourhood, and to Design and Integrate the program in totality with its Architectural, Structural, Execution and Services through a set of Communications.

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