House Graphics

Semester 3 | Architectural Representation and Detailing

Ar. Saurabh Mhatre
Ar. Rishi Vora

Studio Conductors

Drawing as Architectural Allegory The intent of this studio is to take radical steps at prioritising the status of drawing as a conceptual and critical conversation, cementing the status of drawing as a fundamentally important expressive tool. The studio begins by utilising the case-study house assigned to each student as a “Tenor”, individually researched and understood in detail through the course of the previous semester. Drawing is the “Vehicle” of representation, i.e. the figurative language used to describe the “Tenor”, i.e. the Architecture itself. Initially the students are introduced to various “Vehicles” of representation from the archives of architectural representation and drawing, following which each student is assigned a particular visual narrative style to engage with through the course of the studio. The students operate through the medium of the assigned visual narrative on the case-study house they have previously studied to produce drawings with an experimental architectural aesthetic. The outcome of the studio is a set of drawings which are architectural allegories.